What Author's Say

'I am delighted to tell you that my book has now been accepted in store by the Piccadilly and Cambridge stores of Waterstones. I would like to say a huge thank you for your hard work and dedication in promoting my book - it is very much appreciated.' Michelle Diana Lowe, Author of 'Dairy Free & Happy' published by the author & distributed by Ingram Sparks.  Jan 2019

I'm sure that any aspiring author would agree that your help in providing contacts, such as you have, is absolutely invaluable. I am indeed truly grateful.' Robert Irvine, Author of 'Limited Brightness' published by N.G.P. 

'Spoke to the manager at Waterstones and she is asking her RCM about stocking the novel plus a book signing - which is great. Thank you Nigel for all your efforts.' Dr Justin Newland, Author of 'The Genes of Isis' published by SilverWood Books. 

'How do you cope with your job Nigel?! I have spent 2 hours on the phone this morning talking to some of the bookshops you recommended and I'm absolutely exhausted! And to think you do this every day! The book seems to be selling well. Many thanks for all your work on my behalf.' Judy Darby author of 'A Bundle of Sticks' published by N.G.P. 

'Thank you so much Nigel for all your hard work on sales and for getting me a book signing at Waterstones.' Stacey Lloyd-Briden, Author of 'In the Shadow of a Phoenix: From the Ashes', published by N.G.P.  

'Thank you so much Nigel. I am delighted with your progress in such a short amount of time'. Phil Pauley, Author of 'Moral Order: The Rise of Luca C Mariner' published by Clink Street. 

'Nigel was instrumental in bringing my title to the notice of many bookshops, obtaining results and getting a book signing.' Christine Coltman, Author of 'Isabel Hope' published by N.G.P.

'Nigel has always worked hard on my behalf and kept me up to date. His tireless efforts are much appreciated.' John Flexman, Author of 'Aviation at the Edge' published by Memoirs Publishing.

'Nigel helped me get many book signings and promoted my series 'Tremain' in a professional and trustworthy manner. His communication skills are excellent - his weekly reports landing with clockwork regularity in my inbox. I would have no qualms with Nigel representing my future publications.' Alan J Hill, Author of the Tremain Series, published by G2Rights.

'Nigel is truly above and beyond my expectations of an agent.'  Ben Marshall, Author of 'Desperate Times-Book 1', published by G2Rights.

'Nigel has an approachable yet professional manner and proved as enthusiastic and excited about our titles as us! His expertise and experience in the book industry shone through in the promotion of the Bear Tails book range. He worked hard, not only in marketing our books, but also in negotiating terms and organising book signing events, for which we are sincerely grateful.' Paula Hickman, Managing Director, BearTails Publishing.

'Many thanks Nigel, for all your sterling work in getting my novel into bookshops - especially Waterstones and W H Smith. Thanks too, for helping to arrange an event at the Edinburgh Book Shop, as well as a spot in 'Blackwell's Writers' at the Edinburgh Fringe programme.' Marie Macpherson, Author of 'The First Blast of the Trumpet', published by Knox Robinson Publishing.

'A personal 'thank you' for all your help with my book 'A Helping Hand'. You really have helped to take the pressure off, so to speak. I wish you every success in the future, and I only hope you are appreciated for all your efforts by all those whom you represent." Gaynor Merlaynor, Author of 'A Helping Hand', published by N.G.P.

'Thank you for the work you put in to getting my book on the shelves in various outlets in the UK.  I was pleasantly surprised that you actually got my book on the shelves of Waterstones within a fortnight!' Gabriel Ramon, Author of 'The Lost Bells Farm' published by N.G.P.

'The Bookshop Manager couldn't have been more pleasant and positive. I am really thrilled - and I can't thank you enough Nigel for arranging the signings.' Brenda Parker, Author of 'Anya Paris' published by Legend-Paperbooks.